Helpful Links:

  • National Rifle AssociationAmerica's longest-standing civil rights organization. We're proud defenders of history's patriots and diligent protectors of the Second Amendment.
  • Texas Law Shield: Provides legal services for CHL and non-CHL holders as well as NFA services. (Click here for full program details)
  • Personal Defense Network: Take your training to the next level with unlimited access to Efficient, Practical Training Videos, with premier membership.
  • Stellar TacticalStela Moctezuma is one of the premier female trainers in Texas. Stela provides the best training available in the Central Texas area for anyone seeking to get their CHL or anyone that will be adding firearms or knives to their personal protection "toolbox." Stellar Tactical offers real-life defensive firearms training, advanced firearms training, self-defense, knife-fighting and knife-defense training, as well as CHL and NRA classes.
    Stellar Tactical conducts specialized female-only, as well as coed classes and provides Group and Private training. Specialized, individual-focused lessons and coaching are available for those with unique needs or disabilites.
  • U.S. Concealed Carry Assoc. (USCCA): Provides a newsletter, forum and a variety of resources for Concealed Carry.
  • Texas State Rifle Assoc. (TSRA)TSRA works diligently on your behalf, providing you with a strong voice in the State of Texas regarding your rights with firearms and their use. As a TSRA member, you are helping yourself and other Texans enjoy the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. Membership also provides the advantage of being informed on national and state firearms and 2nd Amendment issues.
  • Flashbang Holsters: Holsters designed by and for females.
  • GT Distributors: With locations in Austin and Dallas, GTs has everything you need in the world of firearms or tactical gear.
  • Dale Fricke Holsters: ​Premier manufacturer of quality kydex holsters.
  • Crossbreed Holsters: ​Premier manufacturer of quality kydex holsters.


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